Liquid Damage

Has your iPhone been exposed to water or liquids? We have a unique process that gives us about 75% – 80% success on getting your phone back to normal. (DO NOT TURN ON your device, if you have attempted to turn on your device the success rate is decreased) We first clean them with a special ultrasonic cleaner that removes any foreign matter and minerals from the most microscopic crevices and then put it through our rapid drying process that vaporizes all the moisture in less than a few hours using no heat.

24 – 48hr turnaroud!

You will always receive a new battery with our water damage recovery!

We will visually inspect your phone and determine if it’s a good candidate for success at NO charge. If we proceed there is a $50 minimum charge whether the recovery is successful or not.

Hidden fees: ….there are none!  Any parts that need to be replaced in the process are included.

Call or fill out our form below to start your iPhone recovery process.


- 24 – 48hr. turnaround in the Rochester Area!

Instructions: (time is ticking so be as prompt as possible)

1) Immediately turn off phone (if it did not go off) !!!DO NOT TURN ON!!
2) Place phone in a ziploc bag with about a cup of rice if possible.
3) Call  (585) 563-4776 or stop on by at soon as you can

Water Damage Myths

Myth- Rice: putting a water damaged phone in a bag of rice or silica desiccant for a few days will save the phone.
Truth-since almost all water has minerals in it, drying your phone in rice will dry your phone and leave mineral deposits on the circuits.  These deposits will eventually, if not immediately, cause short circuits within your phone causing it to fail.  We take all water damaged electronics and clean them with a special ultrasonic cleaner that removes any foreign matter and minerals from all the microscopic crevices.
(yes, this even includes your Coke that somehow made it into your phone)

Check out these before and after photos of a phone we cleaned and you’ll see what is lurking if you dry it without proper cleaning. This is killer on your phone!


BF 2 150x150 Liquid Damage BF 1 150x150 Liquid Damage water02 150x150 Liquid Damage water01 150x150 Liquid Damage water03 150x150 Liquid Damage

MythHairdryer: you can use a hairdryer to dry out a water damaged phone to save it.
Truth- Using a hairdryer to dry your phone can do a few bad things:

  1. It can damage heat sensitive electronics within your phone
  2. It will force the water deeper in the phone causing more harm as it moves across the circuits
  3. It will still leave foreign matter and mineral deposits on the circuits that will cause premature failure (immediately or over time)

Myth Alcohol: you can soak your battery removed electronic device in rubbing alcohol and scrub the board to clean all the minerals off
Truth- This is what most shops do to “save” water damaged devices.   Have you ever tried to remove  stubborn hard water stains from a bathtub faucet? If so, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  You have to scrub it to death, not to mention all the harsh chemicals you used in the process.
Be warned: If you are thinking about using a local shop, be sure to ask them what process they use. If they use alcohol your chance of recovery is much less.

The alcohol method will help. But, I don’t know about you, I’m not in a position to shell out some serious dough on a new phone just because I didn’t give it my best shot.  Our special ultrasonic process safely scrubs the electronic components, even ones you can’t get under.  This is the same process used in the electronics industry during the final stage of production to clean off any residual impurities from manufacturing.

Warning: Do not try to recover your device with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, you can invoke more damage to your device.  We use a special clean / dry process that is specially developed for sensitive electronics.